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Press Release

1 Continuously advancing improved onshore living facilities for foreign crew members, from the aspects of, both, software and hardware 2022-07-20
2 Fisheries Agency of Taiwan arranged rescue for crews on the aground Taiwanese vessel in Niue and will offer assistance to facilitate settlement on follow-up matters 2022-06-13
3 The Fisheries Agency Worked Collaboration on Seabird Bycatch Mitigation with Domestic and Foreign Bird Conservation Societies 2022-04-25
4 Taiwan Clarifies the Alleged Illegal Fishing Incident 2022-03-15
5 Vanuatu-flagged F/V Da Wang confirmed involved in forced labor by the U.S.; the Fisheries Agency to revoke its authorization to invest in by the operator 2022-02-10
6 Taiwan investigates allegations in NGO report to ensure the implementation of shark conservation and management measures 2022-01-25
7 Taiwan working with the international community to protect the human rights of foreign crew 2022-01-11
8 Fisheries Agency holds a year-end free haircut and health consultation event and a gala in northern and southern Taiwan respectively for foreign crews to express care and consideration 2022-01-10
9 Taiwan Ensures the Implementation of Sharks Conservation and Management Measures for Sustainable Utilization 2021-12-03
10 Taiwan Fisheries Agency Severely Punished Shark Finning 2021-11-02
11 Taiwan-US Maritime Labor Meeting: Mutual Exchange of Strategies to Advance Human Rights in Fisheries 2021-11-01
12 As Effort of Improving Service Quality of Employment Agents, Taiwan Fisheries Agency Completed Review of Employment Agents for 2021 2021-10-04
13 Taiwan to seek consultation with the U.S. on continued cooperation on combating IUU fishing 2021-08-17
14 Minister Chen cared for distant water fisheries and committed to keep improving foreign crew’s rights and benefits 2021-05-24
15 The Fishery Agency’s year-end fete warmed the hearts of foreign fishing crews 2021-05-24
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