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Press Release

Strategy Plan for Auditing the Trading Companies (Agents) of Fish and Fisheries Products 2015-03-12
National Plan of Action for the Management of Fishing Capacity 2014-10-22
Catch Fish, not Bird, Achievements on Seabird Bycatch Mitigation 2014-06-12
The South Korea’s Channel A TV station posted the clarifying text of Taiwan’s tilapia on its official website and further clarified this issue in the TV 2013-11-29
The Fisheries Agency will actively assist the industry to visit South Korea for clarification on the incident and promotion of the products of Taiwan Tilapia 2013-11-25
Taiwan industry and government pulling together to promote Taiwan Tilapia in Korea 2013-11-25
Fisheries Agency of Taiwan seriously condemns a South Korea TV show for implying Taiwan Tilapia as poor quality by combining irrelevant individual cases 2013-11-07
Export of groupers to China continuous to increase; government is actively creating new markets. 2012-12-27
Please report immediately in case of conflict with Chinese fishing boats. 2012-12-27
The 2nd Pacific Allies Observers Training Program II closed with success. 2012-12-27
Regional management and cooperation in eel fisheries - a step towards President’s goals set forth in “The East China Sea Peace Initiative.” 2012-12-27
Taiwan becomes a member of the “South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization”; fishing rights on South Pacific Ocean secured. 2012-12-27
Fishermen’s rational and peaceful appeal for fishing rights at Diaoyutai fishing grounds receives affirmative response. 2012-12-27
Fisheries Department has implemented measures to control construction of new fishing vessels and promote sustainable use of resources. 2012-12-27
Aquaculture industry to save power, Fisheries Agency launches second stage subsidy for energy-saving waterwheels. 2012-12-27
Scleractinia in the Ornamental Fish Expo is a legally imported product, not a protected species. The Fisheries Agency reiterates its stance on nature conservation and strict enforcement of legal compl 2012-12-27
Quality grouper fry producers drive forward industrial upgrade. 2012-12-27
Management of fishery resources factored in conservation and sustainable development. 2012-12-27
President Ma attends opening of 2011 Taiwan International Ornamental Fish Expo 2012-01-13
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