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Press Release

Response on the crew members' grievances raised during Boston Seafood Expo, and Taiwan Fisheries Agency’s commitments to safeguarding the rights and benefits of crew members 2024-05-02
Taiwan is actively safeguarding the rights and benefits of migrant crew members and there is no tolerate for allegation made under false pretenses 2024-04-28
2024 International Forum on Fisheries and Human Rights: International Collaboration for Industry Sustainability and Human Rights Enhancement 2024-04-16
Building a Mutually Beneficial Partnership with Zero Tolerance for Violence 2024-03-10
Taiwan and the United States Join Hands to Create a Model of Progress in Fishery Human Rights 2024-03-07
Taiwan Fisheries Agency Advances Fisheries Labor Inspections Globally (February-September 2023) 2023-10-23
Crew Safety First ─ Taiwanese Vessel CHU HUAI NO.668 Rushed 470 nm Sending Injured Crew to Hospital 2023-03-25
The rest facility for foreign crew members in the Yanpu berthing area of Donggang Yanpu Fishing Port was completed and opened before the Lunar New Year. 2023-01-30
Fisheries Agency Proactively Investigates Allegations to Safeguard the Rights of Law-abiding Operators and Foreign Crew 2023-01-09
The Fisheries Agency went to foreign ports for labor inspections to protect the rights of the migrant fishers in all aspects 2023-01-03
The Fisheries Agency joins hands with religious groups to care for foreign crew members physically and mentally. 2022-12-15
Fisheries Agency discussed the policy of promoting WiFi on fishing vessels with Indonesia fishers and International Human Rights Organizations 2022-11-30
Fishing vessel owners can employ foreign crew members to serve as fishing and navigation and engineering crew officers 2022-11-22
The wage of migrant fisher of Taiwan's distant water fisheries fishing vessel will be paid directly, and the monthly minimum wage raised to US$ 550 2022-11-03
Taiwan joins hands with international cooperation and was invited to the Centennial celebration of Stella Maris to report on the progress of fisheries and human rights 2022-10-11
The Fisheries Agency continues to improve fishery working conditions, crew rights and benefits, and strengthen the protection of fishery human rights in Taiwan 2022-10-03
Taiwan shared progress in improving human rights in the fishing sector at the 'Taiwan-US Bilateral Consultation on Fishery Labor Rights and Benefits' 2022-09-05
Continuously advancing improved onshore living facilities for foreign crew members, from the aspects of, both, software and hardware 2022-07-20
Fisheries Agency of Taiwan arranged rescue for crews on the aground Taiwanese vessel in Niue and will offer assistance to facilitate settlement on follow-up matters 2022-06-13
The Fisheries Agency Worked Collaboration on Seabird Bycatch Mitigation with Domestic and Foreign Bird Conservation Societies 2022-04-25
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