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Press Release

Foreign fishing crews attending the fair on cultural exchange and labor rights 2019-11-21
Fisheries Agency of Taiwan Will Launch Comprehensive Investigation on the Allegedly Cases of Illegal Fishing Activities Accused by EJF, so as to Clarify the Truth as Soon as Possible 2019-05-21
Workshop on Working and Living Conditions for Fishers held in Kaohsiung, 5-6 May 2019 2019-05-21
Investigations on the cases of fishing vessel Fuh Sheng No.11 and Chin Chang No.6 concluded, and serious punishment imposed 2018-10-04
Taiwanese fishing vessels accepting New Zealand’s high seas boarding and inspection to be normal practice 2018-08-31
The Fisheries Agency reiterates the determination to combat human trafficking and safeguard rights and benefits of foreign crew members employed overseas 2018-06-07
Response to Greenpeace report on Taiwanese distant water fisheries 2018-05-24
Reaffirming commitment to combat IUU Fishing, the Fisheries Agency imposed a record fine over NTD$10 Million on one vessel 2018-05-19
The Fisheries Agency Acts proactively to Enhance Rights and Benefits for Foreign Fishing Crews 2018-05-17
All Taiwan Fishing Vessels in the Indian Ocean have been authorized to fish 2018-03-29
Taiwan has continuously taken actions to enhance protection of rights and benefits of foreign crew members engaging in the distant water fisheries 2018-03-16
INTERNATIONAL LINKAGE – ASSURANCE AND SUSTAINABILITY Press Conference.Results of Taiwan’s Work on Combating IUU Fishing 2017-10-02
Press Conference on Exhibition of Integrated Information System and Hardware of 24-Hour Fisheries Monitoring Center 2017-09-21
No Enforcement Gap in Far Distant Oceans Press Conference on Port Departure of Patrol Boat and Team Forming of more than 100 Observers 2017-08-31
Visitors at the Japan international Seafood & Technology Expo Were Fascinated with Taiwan’s Premium Aquatic Products Especially Groupers and Tilapia 2017-08-23
Taiwan and EU High-level Meeting on Combating IUU Fishing signals Law Enforcement Crucial to Removal of Yellow Card Status 2017-05-19
Taiwan Signed Fisheries Cooperation Agreements with Tuvalu and Nauru 2017-02-07
Government Continues to Safeguard Fishermen’s Interests in the South China Sea 2016-08-23
Taiwan-Philippines Fishery Pact Creates New Opportunity for Fishery Enterprises to Expand Overseas Market 2015-12-12
Alleged violations from F/V Shuen De Ching No.888, escorted by Taiwan patrol vessel for sailing back to Taiwan for further investigation and punishment 2015-09-21
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